Current and planned litters

Puppies 2021!

Our puppylist this year are full!


There may be puppies in the colors tricolor and blue merle after Aisee and ? in 2021. 

There may be puppies in the colors heterozogyt

(Dark) Sable, homozogyt(red) sable and tricolor after Artemis and ? in 2021

For more information on both combination and

health look futher down this page as time approaches!

Sheltiedream Amazing Amigo(Amigo) Born 18.11.2016

HD: A AD: free OCD: free. MDR1 +/+= free, VWD: Fri CEA Genetik: +/- = Carrier, DM: Free CEA og PRA free d. 12/01-17 13/6-18 one distichiasis Natural kip ears, Teeth: Missing 1 P-2 in under jaw Height: 38,5 cm DNA-profile

Willowditch United Silver In Blue(Silver) Born: 07.08. 2015
HD: B-A=B  AD/ED : 0 = free OCD: free. MDR1 +/+= free CEA Genetic

Clear. CEA og PRA free d. 06.09.2016 Full set of teeth. Heigh 37 cm. Natural kip ears DNA-profile

Tric bitch and blue merle male right after birth

above; The bitch lies to the right and then they lie to the left as they were born.

The proud but tired mother!

Silver gave birth on 08/20/2020 4 puppies a tric bitch, two blue merle males and a tric male, all are SOLD!

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