Important puppy info!

Info about kennel SHELTIEDREAM puppies ;0)


Sheltiedream focuses on the overall dog when breeding, with extra focus on both the physical and mental health, as well as breeding dogs matching the sheltiestandard, what we call a "complete dog".


We breed Shetland Sheepdog (Shelties) of the English lines.


Throughout Denmark puppies and dogs are faced with a lot of different challenges, and therefore it's important that they are ready for that.


At Sheltiedream we focuse on breeding puppies/dogs that are ready to be a part of a lot of different settings.

The dogs that are a part of our breeding are lively and kin but they can rest in them selves and find peace in the most stressful places.


We focuse a lot on, choosing Shelties that are physically healthy and can move around everywhere with lots of courage.


We have chosen dogs that have showed joy working with obedience, sheep etc. and we attend shows, as it is a natural element for our breed.


The puppies grows up inside the house, closely surrounded by the family, they are used to everyday noices, like clinking china, noisy pots and pans, dishwasher, dryer, vacuumcleaner and also radio and tv. They will encounter children of different ages (which we are Lucky enoigh to borrow). They will try seing other animals and larger dogs, will have tried to wear a leash, driving in the car, visiting a nursing home, along side wheelchairs and cruthes, as well as other forms of socialization.


Shelties are great Family dogs. Our puppies aren't wrapped in barrels, so we strongly encourage the new families to give their puppy an active life, filled with lost of exciting experiences.

The puppies will get some puppy food, a roll of dog bags, one or two toys, a small blanket,a couple of chews and a leather collar as well as a leather leash, with them when they move.

The puppy will be chippet, having had the first vaccine, as well as two times deworming medicine, our dogs only mate with dogs that are MDR1 + / +, the puppies will be either MDR1 + / + or MDR1 + / - , it will be eyetested (ECVO attest) in the 7-8 week and have a full physical at the same time, it will be insured against hidden faults through the bitch's breeding insurance in Agria for two years.

All the puppies are sold with a DKK pedigree, it is not possible to opt out of the pedigree!

Our breeding dogs are checked as good as posible regarding Health, they're checked for, among other things, HD, ED(AD), OCD and MDR1 tested. Our new bitches are also genetically tested for CEA, as well as an ECVO eyeattest.

We follow after best ability the breeding guidelines and recommendations of the Dansk Shetland Sheepdog klub og DKK.

We do everything we can so that our puppies can bring a lot of joy for their future families!


We believe that the right match between puppy and owner er the most important thing, therefore it is very important for us, that the future owner is interestet in visiting more than once.


At Sheltiedream we welcomes visitors as long as you contact us first. When visiting you get the opportunity to meet our dogs/puppies and to get to know more about the breed.


When visiting you will get to experience, how kind and lively are dogs/puppies are, so don't wear your newest clothes ;-)

Our website contains a lot of fascinating Things about puppies and parents, as well as our other dogs.

Remember when we send one of our fantastic little puppies out in your new home, we hope you send a few pictures in between and a mail or SMS so we know everything goes well!

Then we will be helpful with good advice and lots of help!

A deposit of 4000 dk. kr. is to be paid, when you have chosen a puppy, it is not a downpayment on the puppy, however when buying the puppy the amount is subtracted from the purchase price which is currently 17.000 DKK.

In case of you regretting, there's no refund of the deposit.

In case we decide to annul a deal, the full amount is refunded, this happens very rarely!

With us, no final trade has been entered into until the purchase contract has been signed by both buyer and seller!

Please note – we reserve the right to reject any buyer, that we don't feel are suited for a Shetland Sheepdog!