Willowditch United Silver in Blue (Silver)

Willowditch United Silver In Blue daily named Silver is our small international blue merle, bred in Holland at Annette VoordenDag, kennel Willowditch. Silver is a wonderful blue bitch, that unfortunately was subjected to an assault by a chocolatebrown  Labrador Retriever, when she was one year old, she sustained multiple large holes in both her back and abdomen. It has taken a long time for her, to be comfortable with dogs of other breeds Again, but now it is only if they are too wild that she reacts and shows signs of stress. She will bark and try to get them to slow Down, but it doesn't always work. Now at age three she's gotten her first adult coat, which is huge and very beautifulin the color. She loves to work, and sometimes it is a bit difficult, because she reads my bodylanguage, but is not always right beacuse she just wants to do everything the best way possible. But she hardly barks whenn working, which is great and does that she's able to concentrate better. She's a great mother, WHO loves her puppies and is there if they make even the smallest of sounds. She's still just a kid, when it comes to playing, especially with Aisee and Kermes.

Every morning and afternoon she's taking a nap on the back in her fathers arms, which she loves. She's a real daddy's girl, but she has to fight for the spot, as both Aisee and Sesse also wants to sleep in their fathers arms, and he can't just stay in his chair with a dog in his arms all day ;-) She displays an amazing ability to detect when something is wrong, and it were her and Sesse, that noticed something was wrong when Karsten had a blood clot in the brain. She tried to alarm me, by getting up from her pillow and she then started cirkeling and barking hysterically. She's several times made us aware of other occasions of illnesses, even throigh two closed doors, she's very sensible but is still well balanced. But she feels the best if she can lick one to two times on people to make sure they are alright. We have decided to lett her do that, to awoid her from getting stressed! She is very quick at calming Down and only barks briefly, when people arrive.

Silver is the mother of our B-litters


DSSK. Nr. Aaby 04.03 2017. Judge: Ulla Bergh-Persson.

Middle: Stillish bitch, ears a bit unstable, neat head, with a beautiful feminin expression, sufficient long neck, proper body and legs for her size, long tail, Nice blue color, moves well, shows well.

Excellent nr. 1

DSSK, Sorø, 04.09 2016. Judge: Lidija Oklescen.

Junior:very good type and body proportions, correct shape of head, slightly wide set ears, excellent topline, well set and carried tail, correct angulation in front, slightly open behind, excellent coat quality, nice clean blue colour, balanced in movement.

Excellent Nr. 3

DSSK. Nr. Aaby 27.02 2016 Judge: Christine Rossier.

Puppy: 7 month, good body, firm in back, well angulated, could be a little more firm in front, female head with good expression, ears not fixed yet , moves well, could be more firm in front.

SL Nr. 2

DSSK. Herlufmagle, 15.11 2015 Judge: Ineke Fritz-Bouwer.

Baby: 3 month old blue merle baby, showing quality, very femine elegant head, sweet expression, well placed dark eyes, well set correct tipping ears, well angulated in front and behind, lovely blue colour, showing her age on the move, very well presented



Born: 07.08.2015

MDR1: +/+ = Free

HD: A/B = B = Free

AD/ED: 0 = Free

OCD: Free

Genetic CEA: Free

Eyes: Free on the eyes d. 6/9-16, one distichiasis

Teeth: Full set of teeth

Natural kipears

Height: 37 cm


100% English linien in 6 generations