Troldeskov's Kermes Khan (Kermes)

When this litter was born we weren't on the lookout for a puppy, as we had enough dogs, but as usual we visited to take photos of the litter from they were three days old. Kermes chose me, from he was able to walk he followed my every move, which was a bit problematic at times. We decided to stop our visits from he was 8 weeks old till he was four months old, but that was important for Kermes. It didn't help, he had formed a very close bond to me, and when Kermes came to stay here at 4 months old, very food aggresive, old Harley and I decided that we would straigthen him out, he lost hispuppy licens on the first day with Harley (He loved puppies, but didn't want to get bitten twice in one day, lwt alone the first hour by the little red bully ;0) Today he's the most wonderful red boy, always smiling and sending puppy eyes (he thinks it will result in treats everytime ;0) He is very smart, but also a great actor, it's taken some time to see through some of his acts! He's really good at rally obedience, which I turned to after not being able to do the lengthy program of the obedience. Rally obedience takes a maximum of  3 minutes and is a lot more versatile and therefor more exiting for both the dog and handler!!!

Kermes is the father of a litter of 4 puppies with Susie. They were a combination of both, but Kermes' huge coat was passed along, giving a lot of coatwork, especially as puppies and when shedding ;0) Normally I brush him every three weeks, I like the long coat the best and Kermes is a combination of both the long but also very dense coat (which have a tendency to make huge knots along the skin during shedding, and if you're not paying attention, will risk having to shave some of the coat off)

I've combed out several, but it takes hours, and isn't fun for neither dog nor me!!!

Kermes has later become the father of three wonderful puppies with Sesse, all with a huge coat and very beautiful.


Kermes is NOT available for breeding, he is retired!

Here are some of Kermes' many showresults

DSSK. Herlufmagle 15.11. 2015. Judge: Ineke Fritz-Bouwer. NL

Open: 8 years old sable dog of good breed type, head of good propotions, nice placed dark eyes, a bit wide set correct tipping ears, better angulated in rear than in front, tail well set, but a Little short, coat of good strukture and in good condition, today he carries to much weight which shows off on the move, well presented.

Excellent. Nr.3

DSSK. Ørbæk 20.03 2010. Judge: Kim Vigsø Nielsen. DK

Middle: 21 months, excellent head and expression, wellformed eyes, correct set of teeth, short neck, a bit rolling in the back, short cross, "wellcoached tail", on the heavier site , excellent angles, but they're affedted by the weight, excellent coat, wonderfull temper.

Very good Nr. 2

DKK. Blåhøj 29.10 2009. Judge: Allan Michael Dredge. GB

Junior: Nice coat, good head and expression, slightly nervous on the table, moved very well, good mouth, in good condition.

1 pr. Nr. 2

DSSK. Ørbæk 21.03 2009 Judge: Malcolm Hart. GB

Puppy: Attractive zobel, well proportioned head, clean cheeks, flat skull, well carried ears, adequate neck, topline neds to level a little, good shoulder, has the makings of a heavy coat, moved well, when moved at correct speed.

SL Nr.1 BOB puppy


Born: 12.07.2008

MDR1: +/- = Carrier

Eyes: Free on the eyes, few distichiasis

Teeth: Missing 1 P-2

Natural kipears

Height: 36,5 cm.

100% English linien

Obedience and Rally results

Obedience results

01.06.2009 Årslev, Fyn, DKK Kreds 3 Judge: Laila Lysdal

158,5 points 1 prize 10,5 months old and no. 3 on the day in obedience class 1

22.05.2010 Nyborg Strand, OES Klubben Judge: Hans Ove Pedersen 173 points 2 prize obedience classe 2

01.08.2010 Hesselager, KHKG Judge: Erhard Jørgensen

175 points 2 prize obedience class 2


Here are some of Kermes' many results

26.05.2012 Sorø, DSSK Judge: Frank Kuhfeld

beginnerclass 90 points passed first competition without hardly any training and I make a mistake costing us 10 points

14.10.2012 DKK Kreds Judge:Pia Hansen-Schwartz

beginnerclass 98 points passed nr. 2

Beginner Master at DCH

20.04.2013 BOCH Country Competition

Experienced 96 points nr. 3