Troldeskov's Proud Prince Pius (Simba)

Simba from Sesse's first litter, they were born at our house, we picked the stud and they were supposed to have been registred under our breedername, but it took too long to get it, so they were registred under kennel Troldeskov's. This is the reason for the unusual names that  kennel Troldeskov normally don't use, as we named them, and we are very proud of this litter.

Simba is a happy and very social dog both when it comes to people and other dogs. He'll gladly approach others in the hopes of being petted, but he's not intrusive and normally goes to lie down if nobody wants to talk. He loves being active and working, but also got the ability to relax, when there's no activity and when tired. He loves kids, and is fond of playing with them, but he's very sweet and gentle.

Simba is the dreamdog for me. He has a great temper, well balanced and a very gentle and affectionate dog, but also a perfect working dog, always ready to work and easily trained. He scored 98 point (out of 100) and became number 1 in he's two first rally obedience competitions in DKK at the age of 1½, and hed hadn't been training for very long.

He's full of pranks, he's very quick to take my place in the couch if I get up. The toy's also best when scattered around the floor, it's easier to catch when he thinks it's time to play. He's good at training people to give him treats and pet him, when ever he wants to. He's very curious and attentive and loves to hear his own voice. He stops barking when he's told. He's very helpful in the garden and good at removing weed as well as bringing me my gardening gloves if I drop them. He's also a huge help when hanging up laundry, if I drop a clothespin he picks it up immediatly and brings it to me.

We are very proud of Pius/Simba, who recently became BOB at the show in Nr. Aaby and he's also doing really well at rally obedience

He's soon going to become a father for the first time at kennel Flypups(2018), we are very excited to see the outcome!!

Contact: owner Inga Jensen E-mail:

Phone +45 6261 5081 Mobilephone: +45 2652 5262


Is available for suitable bitches of English lines!

Contact: owner Inga Jensen E-mail:

Phone +45 6261 5081 Mobilephone: +45 2652 5262

CERT-winner and BOB in Nr. Aaby 03.03.2018

DSSK. Nr. Aaby 03.03 2018 Judge: Freddie Klindrup.

Open: Great unity, great head and expression, correct bite, proper stop, wellplaced eyes, correct placed and well carried ears, excellent body and legs, correct placed tail, great angles, prima movements, great coat, great temper.

Excellent CK 1. BHK (best male) CERT BOB

DSSK. Nr. Aaby 04.03 2017. Judge: Ulla Bergh-Persson.

Open: appealing dog with a good silhouet, beautiful head with a flat forehead, beautiful dark eyes, well carried ears, great neck and topline, good rear angles, Could use a Little more front, not a lot of coat on the day but beautiful color, coat quality is good.

Excellent Nr. 3

DKK. Vamdrup 20.08. 2016 Judge: Béla P. Szabó.

Middle: 18 months old ,correct size and bones, nice head, correct front and chest, strong topline, correct angulation, nice movement.

Excellent CK Nr. 1

DKK. Fredericia 13.02 2016. Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson.

Junior: great type, very good head, well placed ears, dark almond eyes, could use a bit more body, good nose, beautiful neck and topline, good chest, great angles, moves very well, neads a bit more confindence.

Excellent Nr.2

DSSK. Varde 29.08 2015. Judge: William P. Shelton.

Puppy: Sweet expression, beautyful almond eyes. Lovely placed ears. Good bite. Correct bone. Good coat and colour. Lovely long tail. Balanced well. Chest deep. A little shy on the exame. Basicly sound in all directions.

SL Nr. 2


Born: 29.01.2015

MDR1: +/+ = Free

HD: A/A =A = Free

AD/ED: 0= Free

OCD: Free

VWD: Free

DM: Free

Genetisk CEA: Free

Eyes: Free on the eyes, few distichiasis

Teeth: Full set of teeth

Natural kip ears

Height: 38 cm.

DNA Profile

100% Engelsk linien


Simbas rally results in DKK.

22/5-2016  Årslev, Kreds 3.

Beginner 98 points nr. 1

16/7-2016 Vester Hæsinge, Papillion Klubben,

Beginner 98 points nr. 1

25/6-2017 Hasmark, DBSK,

Beginner 93 points nr. 8 - Rally Beginner Master

Simbas rally results in DCH.

30/4-2016 Brenderup,

Beginner 91 points nr. 3

09/4-2017 Vestfyn,

Beginner 72 points nr. 5

09/4-2017 Vestfyn,

Open 83 points nr. 9

22/4-2017 Brenderup,

Beginner 98 points nr. 1 Rally Beginner Master

22/4-2017 Brenderup,

Open 62 points nr 8

08/10-2017 Vestfyn,

Experienced 91 points nr. 1

08/10-2017 Vestfyn

Open, 68 points nr. 6