Troldeskov's Golden Olle (Sesse)

Sesse is a very sweet and easily trained bitch, that captured our hearts from day one! She loves hearding sheeps and working in general!  Sesse has been showed twice with amazing results, but unfortunately she's been shedding ever since, though it is starting to get better. Sesse can be a bit skeptical when she's just had her puppies, but that goes away very quickly, as she wants to be cuddled!! In the end of the gestation she's started doing some funny Things, like trying to bulid a nest under the bed. She can hardly fit, but she loves to try and make a great nest for them.

Sesse has been to obedience training in Pudelklubben (the Poodleklub) and she enjoyed the company of the different breeds. She's easy to train and happily obeys almost every command immediatly!!! She's also tried rallyobedience a few times and she seems to have a natural flair for that, so we'll continue with that. Every morning, when I get up she'll be chattering at me, wagging her entire body, adn forgetting she isn't allowed to jump up at me, and follows me to the bathroom for a bit of extra attention.

Eventhough she doesn't play as much as Kermes, she still has a huge personality, that she's opened up for me to see, and eventually also Karsten, but she's a lady dog, who prefers ladies. Sesse has after her first litter changed a lot, she happily welcomes everyone, however she does bark a bit the first few minutes to try and look after her puppies. But here's no problem, anyone can hold the puppies, after greeting her and being "approved", the first visit that may take a couple of minutes, so she has time to make sure that nothing will happen to her little "angels".

We are very happy by the fact that we were lucky enough to get to keep Sesse as our own, after the first two litters (P-1 and P-2 litters). She's since then had two litters under our own breeder name, where she's the mother of our A-litters


DSSK. Sorø 4th September 2016. Judge: Lidija Oklescen.

Excellent type and body proportions, good size, correct shape of head, nice eye expression, well set ears, very good neck and topline, slightly longer crup, well set and carried tail, excellent angulations, good coat quality, but not in show condition today, balanced in movement,


DKK. Svendborg Idrætspark 18 maj 2013. Judge: Charlotte Høier:

Wonderful type, with the correct Sheltie head and expression, wonderful expressive eyes and perfect ears, could use a bit longer neck for the perfect  match, but she has a excellent firm and strong body, excellent legs and very good movements, that could be a bit longer.

Excellent, No 2. Open Class Bitch, CK, Res.CERT, BTK4(No 4. Bitch)


Born: 12.03.2010

MDR1: +/- = Carrier

HD: A = Free

AD/ED: 0 = Free

OCD: Free

Eyes: Free on eyes

Teeth: Missing 1 P-2

Natural kipears

Height: 35,5 cm

100% English linien