Sheltiedream Daily Delight Djessie (Djessie)

Nickname Djes, Djessiemouse, mouse

Daily Delight Djessie is from Artemis' third litter, she is a great little dog, she has a big ego even though she is small and is very slow growing.

She is extremely easy to learn even when the others show her things, but she herself is very creative when it comes to trying new things. She loves playing with her mother Artemis, as well as playing with cousin Cutie and aunt Aisee, although she purrs loudly when she stands on her hind legs and scratches her head.

Their greatest pleasure is playing tag around outside, but also around the couch and dining tables, preferably in figures of eight.

She is exceptionally fond of all animals and people, small and large!

She is a little light sable girl. She wants to work both with obedience and Rally.

She is a real little bandit, full of trouble and energy, she tries to play with everyone.



Born: 24.03.2023

MDR1: +/- = Carrier



PRA genetic: Free

Genetic CEA: Carrier (+/-)

Eyes: Free on the eyes on 16/5 2023

DM: Carrier

VWD: Free


Natural ears

Height:  cm

100% English lines