Sheltiedream Charming Confident Cutie (Cutie)

Nicknames: Cutie-cute Cutie-badudi and Dudi.

Cutie is an amazing small dog, she's got a huge ego, and thinks everybody loves her, both people and other animals.

She's very easily trained, also when the others show her mischiefts. She loves to playwith her mother Aisee and Beemy. Their greatest joy is playing tag around the tables and in the garden.

She loves show training, and to be cuddled on the table, it's soooo cozy!

She's completed both puppy and junior motivation courses.

She started Rally-O when she was 6 months old, and is very good!

​She has enormous energi and we call her our little racing dog!

She's a dream to work with!

Cutie have achieved 5 titles before her first birthday

Obedience results:

Sirius star puppy: Passed SISHB

Handed in when she was 5.5 months old, and was approved two days after she turned 6 months old

Sirius Junior Star: Passed SIJSB

Handed in when she was 9 months old, and was approved after 18 days

Sirius Rally Beginner Star: Passed SIRLB

Handed in when she was 9 months old, and was approved after 18 days

Do More with your DogTrick Dog Novice

Approved at 10 months old

Do More with your DogTrick Dog Intermediate

Approved at 11 months old

Show results

Judge: Stefan Sinko

4,5 mths old, well developed, feminine head type, bite is changing, quite good body proportions, good upperline but needs time, correct front and hindquarters, good tail, happy carriage, moved good but needs time
​Very Promising number 2 baby class

Judge: Branislav Rajic

9 month, well develop, charming color, beautiful head, correct ears and eyes, excellent forchest, good neck and topline, excellent ribcage, loins strong enough, excellent angulations, good size of leg bones, parallel hogs, correct

Excellent Junior class

Cutie at Sirius Rally Beginner Star test



Born: 10.02.2022


AD: Free

DM: Free

VWD: Free

Genetic CEA: Free (+/+)

Eyes: Free on eyes 05/04 2022 og 16/5 2023

CNGA-PRA: +/+ =Free

BBSA2-PRA: +/+ =Free

MDR1: +/+ = Free

Teeth: Full set of teeth

Natural ears

Height: 36,5 cm

100% English lines

Cutie at Sirius Star puppy test

Cutie at Sirius Junior Star test