Sheltiedream Be-My Best Benediction (Beemy)

Nicknames: Bimse, Dimsen

Beemy lives with our daughter Katja and her husband Jacob. Beemy is a real mommas boy. He's always right around her legs, and we call him her extra shadow. Beemy is a bit cautious, but whem he feels safe he's a huge cuddlebug. 

He loves to play, both with his big brother Amigo and with Cutie, who luckily lives very close. The two of them are inseperable, and walk together most days.

He's completed both puppy and junior motivation courses.

He started Rally-O when he was 6 months old, and is becoming very good, and it's improving his selfconfidence a lot.

Beemy have achieved 5 titles before his first birthday

Obedience results:

Sirius Star Puppy: Passed SISHB

Handed in just before he turned 6 months and it was approved shortly after

Sirius Junior Star: Passed SIJSB

Handed in at 9 months old, and approved 3 weeks later

Do More with your DogTrick Dog Novice 

Approved at 10 months old

Do More with your DogTrick Dog Intermediate 

Approved at 11 months old

Do More with your DogTrick Dog Advanced 

Approved at 11 months old

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Born: 14.02 2022


AD: Free

VWD: +/+ =Free

DM: +/+ =Free

CNGA-PRA: +/+ =Free

BBSA2-PRA: +/+ =Free

Genetic CEA: Free (+/+)

Eyes: Free on the eyes d. 16/5 2023

DMS: aabbCc = Low risk

MDR1: +/+ = Free

Teeth: Missing 1 P-2

A bit heavy ears

Height: 38,5 cm

100% English lines

Show results

Judge: Stefan Sinko 

4,5 mths old, well developed, head in proportion to the body, bite is changing, good upperline, correct front and hindquarters, good tailset, nice babycoat, moved good

Very Promising number 2 Baby class

Judge: Cathrina Dunne

9 months old male, very strong in head, ears far too heavy, has a nice dark eye, good jackblack coat, nice markings, overall too much bone and too big, moves well.

Very Good number 3 Junior class