Sheltiedream Amazing Amigo (Amigo)

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Amigo is from our first litter

Amigolives with our daughter Katja and her husband Jacob and we are co-owners.

He's a very gentle and wonderful boy, he's always been very easily trained and continues to be so. From an early age he learned to carry the dumbbell and to find a piece of Wood which Katja's touched from two pieces and he's very certain. He will be used for both obedience as well as rally obedience.

Amigo's a very forward and kind dog, who believes all humans, whether adults or kids only exist with the solepurpose of petting him. Right now he's a bit insecure of other dogs, after a couple of unfortunate episodes with agressive dogs. Fortunately it's getting better slowly, with a lot of training, and t helps for him to meet calm and relaxed dogs. He might bark at other dogs if they just pass him, because he really wants to say hello and play, but there's nothing bad in him, just a bit of stress and o lot of the youthful eagerness.

Amigo loves to cuddle, he knows nothing better than to be next to us or on top of us, in both the couch and the bed and he loves to get his daily hugs. He talks a lot, and there's no doubt if he's not pleased about something. He may even "talk back" if he gets correctet.

He lives up to his name Amazing and he's got a huge personality that captivates almost everyone he meets


DSSK. Nr. Aaby 03.03 2018 Judge: Freddie Klindrup.

Middle: Medium size, excellent type, maskuline head, excellent head, correct bite, good nose, wellplaced eyes, correct carried ears,  excellent neck and legs, normal angles, moves well from the site and back, could be a bit firmer in the front,  excellent coat and temper.

Excellent Nr. 1

DKK, Odense 06.08 2017 Judge: Colette Muldoon

Puppy: lovely movement coming and going, good dark eye and rims, good teeth and pigment, good reach of neck, would like a little more compact body

SL Nr. 1 BIR hvalp

DSSK. Nr. Aaby 04.03 2017. Judge: Ulla Bergh-Persson.

Baby: A nice puppy on, 3,5 months, maskuline head, dark eyes, well carried ears, excellent neck and topline, excellent body and legs, great angles behind, great movement,shows well, great tail, excellent temper.

SL Nr. 2


Born: 18.11.2016

HD: A/A = A = Free

AD/ED: 0 = Free

OCD: Free

VWD: Free

DM: Free

Genetic CEA: Carrier (+/-)

Eyes: Free on the eyes 12/01-17, 06/04-22 one distichiasis

MDR1: +/+ = Free

Teeth: Missing 1 P-2 in right lower jaw.

Natural tipped ears

Height: 38,5 cm


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