Sheltiedream Awesome Artemis (Artemis)

Artemis is a very forward puppy, lacking filter some might say, she goes to greet everybody, both people and animals right away. Some might be a bit tired of all her eagerness and energy, but we don't want to spoil that.

She has an amazing read color already as a puppy, so we can't wait to see what her coat will look like when she's fully grown. She lives at our daughter Käthe and her boyfriend Jack, but is co-owned. They have the joy if this Little energybunddle on a daily basis. Käthe also sends new Pictures of Artemis every months, so we can follow how she develops, and that's been very exciting.

She very quickly learned to carry the dumbbell and is all together a very smart dog, who gets bored very easily, and then starts doing stuff on her own, not all of the positvive kind ;-)

But if you just activate her with lots of activity games, walks and training, she's an absolut angel.

Artemis is a real hugger and cuddler, she loves nothing better than placing her head on our chest underneath the chin and get a hug or to just cuddle on the couch or in bed.

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 DSSK Næstved 25.11.2017 Judge: Cathrina Dunne

Baby: 4 mth old female, quite fine in bone, nice little head

nice ear carrige, would like more foreface, seems to have an

eye infection, would like more of chest, on the more she is

crossing over in front, rear angulation is ok, moves okay 

behind, good tailset, nice temperament, very outgoing


Artemis 2,5 year
Artemis 9 Month
Artemis 8 Month
Artemis 7 Month


Born: 21.07.2017

HD: B/B = B = Free

AD/ED: 0 = Free

OCD: Free

DM: Free

VWD: Free

Genetic CEA: Carrier (+/-)

Eyes: CEA and PRA free, 2 small distichiasis d. 03.02 2020

CNGA-PRA: +/+ =Free

BBSA2-PRA: +/+ =Free

MDR1: +/- = Carrier

Teeth: Full set of teeth

Natural kipears

Height: 35 cm


100% English linien