Sheltiedream Aisee Astonish All (Aisee)

Aisee Astonish All is from our first litter, she is an amazing small dog, she's the leader of the two and has a huge ego despite her siza and the fact that she's very slow growing. I put in a puppy toilet when the puppies were 17 days and Amigo used it a lot, Aisee hit the target sometimes, but always had at least two paws on ;-) She used the toilet a lot if we didn't notice when she needed to go out, then she would just hurry over to the toilet, and always ended up woth a treat as a reward for not just doing it on the carpet. She's very easily trained and when the others teach her bad habits, they have to be corrected. She loves playing with her mom Sesse, auntie Silver and uncle Kermes, eventhough he plays with a lot of sound, especially when she scrathes him in the head. There biggest joy is playing catch around the coffee and dining room tables preferably in eights, the three older ones trying to catch "speedy" Aisee, but they rarely succeed.

She loves showtraining, which she thinks is made for her to meet all the large dogs, and be petted when on the showtable, that is just sooo amazing! She's a small jetblack girl. She wouldn't eat a lot in the beginning and until she was almost 15 months, but she started after she got a shot of vitamin B at the vet. She's always been very active, so the vets didn't think there was anything wrong. But she only ate 7-15 grams a day and then it could take 4-5 days before she wanted to eat again, we decided to have them run the large bloodpanel just in case. She loves working, both obedience and rally obedience. She's a bit scared of vets at the moment, because of what she's been through, first her ED shots weren't clear enough and had to be retaken, bloodwork for MDR1 and genetic CEA, and then the large bloodpanel. I can only recommend that the bloodsamles are taken as puppies, as they get over it more quickly! SHe's a real rascal, full of trouble and energy, and trying to play with everyone. She's always trying to check ours and others eyes, noses and mouths, she waits patiently for us to gently blow at her, so she can check if you're healthy or sick. She has multiple times made aware of otitis and conjunctivitis before we had noticed it ourselve. As soon as she gets her real coat she's getting showed Again, but so far she hasn't gotten a lot after her first heat, but we know it will come suddently. We look forward to that, as she's got a very long tail, that reaches the floor.


DSSK. Nyborg. 02.08.2020 Judge: Tomas Rohlin.

Open: almost 4 years, very feminine, well-cut head, good muzzle and skull, dark eyes good ears, very good body proportions, good neck, very good bone strains and chest, good angles front and rear, good tail, black fur in summer dress variety in good structure, moves well from all sides, good temperament

Excellent CK Nr. 2

DSSK. Næstved 25.11. 2017. Judge: Cathrina Dunne.

Junior: 1 year old female, nice type female, not in best coat and condition, nice shaped good outline, nice ears and good eye, would like more depth in front but that is normal for junioer good length for tal good angulation behind, moved ok behind, crossing a little in front, nice and tan black in coat, rich tan markings alert showgirl


DSSK. Nr. Aaby 20.05. 2017. Judge: Gro Svandalsflona.

Puppy: 6 months, feminin bitch, still a bit narrow all over, wellshaped head, but would like a broader nose and jaw, adequate angles in front, good back, great proportions, moves freely from the side, needs to become a bit stonger in the front, coat on the way, could be a bit more outgoing.

L Nr. 2

DSSK. Nr. Aaby 04.03. 2017. Judge: Ulla Bergh-Persson.

Baby: Appealing bitch puppy, 3,5 months old, nice feminin head, dark eyes that gives the wanted sheltie expression, good ears, good body and legs, good rear angles that showes well under movement, beautiful black coat, needs more show training

SL Nr. 2

Aisee 3 year november 2019
Aisee 2,5 year lying down
Aisee baby show in Nr. Aaby 4.3 2017 photograf Paul Van Ulsen.


Born: 18.11.2016

MDR1: +/- = Carrier

HD: A/A = A = Free

AD/ED: 0/0 = Free

OCD: Free

Genetic CEA: Carrier (+/-)

Eyes: Free on the eyes 12/1-17, 13/6-18

Teeth: Missing 1 P-2 in right lower jaw.

Natural kipears

Height: 36 cm


100% English linien